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  1. Bono spoke at this week’s TED conference. Here’s the TED blog post and CGD follow-up posts from Charles Kenny and Andy Sumner.
  2. Favorite Mali reads of the week – Bruce Whitehouse’s [in my opinion, the best source on understanding Mali] latest on understanding the Tuaregs and Todd Moss warns of 3 mistakes the U.S. should avoid making in Mali.
  3. Two funny pieces on the Pope’s retirement. The first, a job description from Foreign Policy. The second, a cover letter by John Ortved for McSweeny on why he would like to be Pope. Ah, it’s reminiscent of that time Sachs nominated himself for World Bank presidency!
  4. Australian billionaire reveals plans to build a Titanic II. Doesn’t sound like the best idea…unless theis means there will be a movie sequel? “Oops! Rose let’s go again” ? Maybe this couple will play the lead roles.
  5. When physicists get engaged.
  6. And on that note,  The Economist’s gushing index should not go unmentioned, an index that measures all the mushy words spoken by actors & actresses in their Oscar speeches (tempted to borrow this model and make a chart of all the mushy things Bono says in his ONE speeches…).

My little sister leaves for Namibia next week to do some work for a cheetah conservation fund. So this video is for her – what the African savannah would look like if its animals lived off of McDonald’s:

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